We love peeping, you should try too :3

We are 3 man group that by fate, joining together…

Q: Can you scanlate(insert overscanlated title)?
A: No, waste of time

Q: Can you scanlate(insert any manga)?
A: long answer, depends on TL’s mood, short answer, no

Q: Can I join?
A: long answer, depends. short answer, no

Q: I want to donate!
A: just contact us :3

Q: Can I re-upload you manga?
A: No

Q: torrent?
A: No

Q: then… online reading?
A: only after a week from release date

Q: I have the manga you seek(data/physical) and I want to have them translated..
A: either you sends us the RAW or kindly send us the book, and we’ll decide it.


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