Nozoki 4 HQ

unexpectedly, our TLC shows up from nowhere

so here’s the HQ one




7 Responses to Nozoki 4 HQ

  1. loveromance says:

    I love you btwscan

  2. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for bringing us the HQ version!

  3. Anomyous says:

    Is the FS link supposed to go anywhere?

  4. azwald says:

    FS->somehow I couldn’t upload to FS yesterday(so I just put blank link), I’m reupload it right now

  5. mr spiffy says:

    Hey, where’s chapter 5? Someone updated mangaupdates with a note about it.

  6. mr spiffy says:

    Found it! It shows up in recent posts but not on the main page.

  7. azwald says:

    it’s on the main page, I just didn;t write down number 5

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