Question about how….

We know we haven’t release anything since last month
We want to ask you, should we release perfect release or notTLC-ed released then after our TLC revived, we will release it again using HQ tag

Please post your opinion
After we get at least 5 opinions that okay with the MQ release, We’ll release new chapter in 24-hour


7 Responses to Question about how….

  1. Takahito says:

    well, I can live with MQ.. i just want them as fast as possible because it seems like a fun series ^^ anyway, thanks for the translations ^^

  2. Marko says:

    Concord with Takahito 🙂

  3. nithon says:

    MQ is fine for me as long as i get to read it 😀
    Thanks for your work…

  4. Phoenix says:

    MQ release, OK.
    Thanks for your work.

  5. antonus says:

    mq release is fine! 🙂 thanks for the releases!

  6. azwald says:

    thank for the reply
    We will release is ASAP (<24-hour)

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