KnK is just….

When I first heard about KnK is gonna released as BD… I was happy and gonna save money to buy it
Then…. the price…
ok, they give you ALL 7 movies, still…. for the price… +-$620 that’s crazy

no choice… I’ll stick to gg’s release…

I thought the price would be around $100, *IF* that’s the price, I;m gonna buy it, but sadly… Jap’s things are just too expensive


2 Responses to KnK is just….

  1. Lehq says:

    Wait, seriously, $600+ !?
    Damn, I was initially intending to buy it too; yeah, I’ll stick too gg’s as well…

  2. azwald says:

    update, you can get it cheaper via
    27% percent off, but still >_>
    hail gg

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