Zephyr is a fag

seems like our translator is poisoned by a manga…
he keeps talking about sorairo square
for those who don;t know about it, see the pics

as you can see, the picture is mindfucking…
the only lead we got is..

Title: Sorairo Square

if any of you could tell us where to get the RAW or kindly send us the manga,
I’ll make him translate it by force(*IF* it has good story… otherwise… sorry, I will put no effort)

zephyranthez edit:

well, pics are actually from Sorairo Portrait, a full color manga depicting the girls from Sorairo Square in various… uh… looks, like hairpin, spats, pleat skirt, summer uniform, coats, socks, santa coat, miko outfit, short pants. Color illustrated with (sexually) fetishtic explanation.
taken from AkibaBlog:

Thinking back, I totally agree with Kousaka Kirino from Ore-imo (anime planned for October, PSP game coming too). In vol1 of the light novel, she said she will stop being an otaku if it’s possible but blogs like AkibaBlog keep poisoning her. I comprehend, Kiririn.

In any case, Sorairo Square vol3 was just released in Japan 2 days ago (11th) but vol1 was released back on 2009. I searched, but can’t even find it on sharedb T^T … mangaka name is 双氏(homepage is NSFW). The name is read “Soushi” I think.
He’s even releasing Atelier Totori doujinshi on C88! HOLYMOLY is that Cudelia getting all yuri toward Rorona? Mimi x Totori action!?


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