nice boobs

Emiru sure has nice boobs, I’m waiting for the mousepad(hope they will release it)

Chapter 2 finally done

for FS mania, please wait a little longer, I’ll upload it now


if you see the donate button, yes, we’re collecting money to buy MU/others premium and membership and maybe for life expenses, not to buy those lolies…
no paypal donation button per now since we have to use premiere account


5 Responses to nice boobs

  1. Kirhaza says:

    Thanks once again for the release. Nice to see such quick releases and good luck keeping it up 😀

  2. Tekida says:

    thanks for the 2 releases 😀 hope to read alot more of this series! first 2 chapters looked very nice ^^

  3. Yours Truly says:

    Really like the start of this series, keep the chapters coming. Thanks.

  4. common faggot says:

    my life’s starting to come back
    woohooo 😀 😀 😀

  5. DziaDzia says:

    Good job 🙂 I’m waiting for more chapters 🙂

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