Chapter 2 status update!

Nozoki Ana Chp2 is translated, proofed, and is currently being editted.
As azwald work his butt off, why don’t I share our lulzworthy chatlog. I’m pretty sure chp2 will be ready within 24 hours, but if it’s not, blame azwald not me =]

Translating is not easy, choosing the right word for the right context is not easy, keeping the translation in natural english with as much literal translation as possible is not easy (well, using whole different sentence to convey the same meaning is not hard).
Anyway, due to our inexperience, our chat became lulzworthy and I say we share it in the burogu.

Also act as a teaser to chp2!  =3

(0:15) zephyranthez: fuzakeruna.
is there any better word?
(0:15) Ezeloir: dont screw with me
(0:15) Ezeloir: dont mess with me
(0:15) Ezeloir: dont bbqh4x with me
(0:15) zephyranthez: which one is best to use.
(0:16) Azwald: since this is eromanga
(0:16) zephyranthez: officially not an eromanga
(0:16) Azwald: I prefer slang
(0:16) zephyranthez: practically an eromanga
(0:16) Azwald: well… since they only show upper half
(0:16) Azwald: screw is more polite
(0:17) zephyranthez: scru u
(0:17) Ezeloir: duh, tbh, if they read this manga
i think theyre old enough to swear
(0:17) Ezeloir: so dont fck with me should be OK
(0:17) zephyranthez: both are swearword
(0:17) Azwald: I’ll just type dont; fcuk with me
(0:17) zephyranthez: use fuck not fcuk.
we’re not selling t-shirts
(0:18) Azwald: XD
(0:23) Ezeloir: peep all u want perverted girl
(0:23) zephyranthez: I’d let her do that too
if she let me enjoy her days
(0:23) zephyranthez: see me fap, emiru~
(0:23) Ezeloir: u wish ur in such delicious situation
(0:24) zephyranthez: I should include this
chatlog in the creditpage
I know I should
(0:24) Azwald: XD
(0:25) zephyranthez:IT’S A FUCKING NEW CREDITPAGE!
(0:27) Ezeloir: i’ll try thesaurus it
(0:27) Azwald: how should I fap
(0:27) zephyranthez: I think fap is the better word to use
(0:27) Ezeloir: i will learn a lot from t3hsauruz
(0:27) Ezeloir: thesaurus cant process t3h awzumness of t3h word
(0:27) zephyranthez: so fap is not in t3hs0ruz
(0:29) Ezeloir: < I use relevant tool
(0:29) Ezeloir: when merriam webster just cant handle it anymore
(0:29) zephyranthez: in the end, urban wins
(0:30) Ezeloir: to polish one’s gun
^ i liek
(0:30) zephyranthez: dolphin waxing <-dannychoo language
(0:31) Azwald: ….
(0:31) Ezeloir: the effort we put into finding
t3h words only means masturbation is srs bsns
(0:32) Ezeloir: MEN: to slowly (or quickly)
rub your penis until white stuff appears. Feels really good.

WOMEN: to rub your vagina or clitoris.
You can use dildos and vibrators, too.
Takes longer than men
Feels really good.

^^^ THIS!
(0:32) zephyranthez: how should I rub my penis until white stuff appears
too damn fucking long
(0:33) Azwald: …
(0:33) Azwald: how should I fap until I cum
(0:33) zephyranthez: …..
(0:34) zephyranthez: anyway i think the problem is in the “how should i”
(0:34) zephyranthez: the better word to use may be “what should I do” about/with
(0:35) Ezeloir: hm
(0:35) Azwald: what should I to to cum?
(0:35) Azwald: sounds like a kid tring to find out how to masturbate
(0:35) zephyranthez: how should i fap feels more like when your material is ready and u’re choosing how to cum, what tool to use, mouth, hole, or hand
(0:36) zephyranthez: what he’s trying to get at is what he’s gonna do about the action, not how he do it
so how r we gonna form the sentence?
(0:36) Ezeloir: how should I > how am I gonna jack off
how am i gonna fap
(0:37) zephyranthez: i’ll do it in front of the hole
how bout u
(0:39) Ezeloir: i’ll just pretend that she’s not looking
i’ll take it like a man and let her look
^ <32
(0:40) Ezeloir: makes sense
(0:40) zephyranthez: i would let her look but kido apparently won’t
(0:40) Ezeloir: gah
(0:41) Ezeloir: where in the world i’ll find a room with a hole connected to such neighbor
(0:41) zephyranthez: in Japan
(0:42) zephyranthez: perverted convo aside, what shud we do?
(1:24) Ezeloir: draw is vague
what r they drawing
(1:25) zephyranthez: nude women what else
start with basics, draw nude
(1:25) Battler: since she’s a teacher
(1:25) zephyranthez: draw nude sensei
(1:25) Ezeloir: (  .)(  .)
(1:25) Battler: if she talks long
that;s normal
(1:25) zephyranthez: ( . Y . )
( ・人・)
(1:26) zephyranthez: ( . Y . )
( ・人・)
( . Y . )
( ・人・)
(1:26) Ezeloir: in the middle of the cleavage there is a person
人 < hito?
or am i wrong
(1:26) zephyranthez: hito desu

it’s on MSN cuz not all of us IRCs


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