Nozoki Ana

Our First Project

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Kido Tatsuhiko moved to Tokyo to attend an art school and start his new life. In his new room, there’s a small hole in the wall. At first he can see nothing through the small hole, but one night, through the peeping hole, he saw a girl. That’s how his new life starts.

Volume 1 chapter 1


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8 Responses to Nozoki Ana

  1. Kirhaza says:

    thanks for the release. the series seems interesting so far and im looking forward to the next chapter

  2. mercy says:

    This series seems relevant to my interests. Thanks for the hard work and for introducing me to this series.

  3. anony says:

    yeah indeed, hope to see more…


  4. Mindflayer says:

    Thank you very much!

  5. Lizarazu says:

    Hello! I’m the manga admin from AnimeA and we have a mangareader (just online stuff, all the downloads are down for a long time ’cause we took it off) and we would like to upload and your releases. I made a page for your scan group after seeing your little F.A.Q. But still, asking for your approval. So, can we or not? (all pages from the files kept, no watermarks from us and also respect the waiting days for the new release)

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