KnK is just….

August 28, 2010

When I first heard about KnK is gonna released as BD… I was happy and gonna save money to buy it
Then…. the price…
ok, they give you ALL 7 movies, still…. for the price… +-$620 that’s crazy

no choice… I’ll stick to gg’s release…

I thought the price would be around $100, *IF* that’s the price, I;m gonna buy it, but sadly… Jap’s things are just too expensive


Say Say Say!!!

August 24, 2010

Sorry of the late release!!!
I watched too much HardGay since last week…
you should watch it too!!!

so here’s the release!!!
chapter 03

Some problems

August 15, 2010

First, My head hurts a lot.. Someone must have put a curse on me( *`ω´)
Second, our translator has an urgent matter
So, there will be some delay for chapter 3

See the cute loli at the side menu?
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tl;dr, chapter 3 EOW or next week ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
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nice boobs

August 13, 2010

Emiru sure has nice boobs, I’m waiting for the mousepad(hope they will release it)

Chapter 2 finally done

for FS mania, please wait a little longer, I’ll upload it now


if you see the donate button, yes, we’re collecting money to buy MU/others premium and membership and maybe for life expenses, not to buy those lolies…
no paypal donation button per now since we have to use premiere account

Chapter 2 status update!

August 13, 2010

Nozoki Ana Chp2 is translated, proofed, and is currently being editted.
As azwald work his butt off, why don’t I share our lulzworthy chatlog. I’m pretty sure chp2 will be ready within 24 hours, but if it’s not, blame azwald not me =]

Translating is not easy, choosing the right word for the right context is not easy, keeping the translation in natural english with as much literal translation as possible is not easy (well, using whole different sentence to convey the same meaning is not hard).
Anyway, due to our inexperience, our chat became lulzworthy and I say we share it in the burogu.

Also act as a teaser to chp2!  =3

(0:15) zephyranthez: fuzakeruna.
is there any better word?
(0:15) Ezeloir: dont screw with me
(0:15) Ezeloir: dont mess with me
(0:15) Ezeloir: dont bbqh4x with me
(0:15) zephyranthez: which one is best to use.
(0:16) Azwald: since this is eromanga
(0:16) zephyranthez: officially not an eromanga
(0:16) Azwald: I prefer slang
(0:16) zephyranthez: practically an eromanga
(0:16) Azwald: well… since they only show upper half
(0:16) Azwald: screw is more polite
(0:17) zephyranthez: scru u
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Zephyr is a fag

August 13, 2010

seems like our translator is poisoned by a manga…
he keeps talking about sorairo square
for those who don;t know about it, see the pics

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Some correction

August 12, 2010

Some of you might be wondering…
What the hell is technical highschool?
Me too!!!
Turns out that we forget the vocabulary for that word… It should be “polytechnic”. There will be no v2 but we will add the fixed page on ch2 release